Simon Jarrett - Maker of Kingsley Amps - Playing my amp!

Man.... I should just quit playing the guitar and take up bass or drums
I feel that way sometimes when I'm around someone as skilled as Simon, but not after visiting with him. I'm fortunate to live close by and can drop my amp off for repair and see what new amps and pedals he's dreaming up.
What I quite enjoy about visiting with Simon is his obvious enthusiasm for music in general and his humility. When I play my amp with him I don't feel embarassed, he just loves guitar music. Great products and an good man.

Stu Cats

I picked up my Paraplex from his home as well. He is a great player, very kind and patient. He spent quite some time demoing all the features of my amp for me. Highly recommended.


I enjoyed watching Simon on a The Pedal Show video. He really seems like a nice guy and can definitely play. And he surely builds some mighty fine pedals, too.

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