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Simple powered monitors (live sound)


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I am looking to add some small monitors s to our live setup. We have 2 QSC 12" powered wedges. I want to find some smaller one. Something like the QSC K8 or the Mackie DLM8.
But I don't need the extra on board mixer. But I don't want to slum with Kustom, Nady, Behringer. It seems their fidelity is lacking in comparison. Probably paying with a PO. So, new.
What else is out there?

What happened to the JBL Eon and Mackie SRMs?


I looked for the same thing for months and wasn't much out there. Maybe a used RCF NX10?


The problem with the K8s is that they aren't shaped right to lay on their side and tilt up like a floor monitor. I think the power amp board in them is to big for the cab to allow the angled side. However I have a K10 and really like it and it does tilt back just like your K12s will. I also have 3 passive monitors (x2 Radian 8" and x1 Microwedge 8") on QSC PLX1804 amps. They work very well and are tiny, but they aren't cheap. These require a HPF filter with a very steep 100hz cut, something you may only find a speaker processor like a Driverack or similar plus they aren't powered.

The easiest solution would be a pair of K10s for sure.
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