Since I'm not going to buy it I think it's proper that I share it...


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One of the amps I've owned and sold is a Quidley 22. Ed Quidley is a small builder someone in the mid-Atlantic who built and marketed the amp. I really liked it but was (and to a degree still) suffered from ampatitis (the inability to hold onto an amp for more than a month or so).

FYI, the amp is a British flavored 22 watts w/ a very usable 8 watt switch. It has a few other interesting design features. To see it go to It also sounds great and seems to be very well built. Clips on the website are indeed accurate.

Also, when I bought the amp Ed Quidley reached out to me and suggested I send him the chassis for a once-over and updates, which I did. He sent it back and wouldn't even let me pay for shipping! A class act.

So, a few weeks ago there was one on ebay. Seller is called "katsguitars." I've never dealt with them. I was in the middle of an ampatitus outbreak and emailed them to see if they'd take $600 for the head (a steal). They wouldn't.

Subsequent to that, my ampatitus went into remission and I'm able to hold my head up and say "I'm sticking with my Aiken and Blankenship and am out of the boutique amp market." One day at a time the remission continues.

Today I got an email from the folks at katsguitars telling me that they still have the amp and would sell it for $600 + shipping. If you're looking for a moderate output EL84 amp, you may want to give them a shout. Tell them "nycbiddingfool" (my ebay moniker) sent you. And if you do in fact buy the amp, be sure to send me an appropriate thank you.

I reiterate: I have nothing to do w/ the seller or Ed Quidley. Just passing along good info to my community here.

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