Since The Other Is Cool Rock N Roll Pics!

Uncle Bob

I knew of El Duce from the Kurt and Courtney doc, but had never heard the Mentors, so I watched a documentary about the Mentors this weekend. I almost stopped it about a minute in due to the lyrics. I just didn't want to endure an hour of that. But I'm glad I kept going.

After a while, I finally "got" El Duce. I would say he was hilarious, others will say he was disgusting. Both are right. It's so far out there that I just couldn't take him seriously, and it all seemed a larf. At the same time, I can definitely see where he would be a slap in the face to others, and respect that opinion.

Sickie is a helluva player, over or under hand. I noticed that comparing his interview personality and his stage persona, it seemed like putting on the mask and picking up his Strat transforms him.


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