Since The Other Is Cool Rock N Roll Pics!


Allman Brothers Band- Cosmic Carnival, Atlanta, GA, Fulton County Stadium, June 13, 1970



John Lee story time!

Carlos Santana: “John Lee Hooker was hilariously funny to be around." “He always had two gorgeous ladies to the left, two gorgeous ladies to the right. On one side, they’re feeding him Junior Mints, and the other side, they’re feeding him fish and chips. So he’s eating fish and chips and mints, man, with these four gorgeous women just massaging his hands. I never knew anybody like that guy.”

Charlie Musselwhite: "Everybody respected John." “One story I could tell, I don’t know if I should or not, but it’s a good one.” “Madonna wanted him to be in a video with her, and John’s manager put him on the phone with Madonna. He talked to her, and he’s giving her the old, ‘I just love all your music,’ and ‘Oh yeah, I’d love to be in the video with you.’ And when he got off the phone, he told his manager, ‘I ain’t doing it.’ Not only was he not doing it, but he didn’t know who Madonna was, and didn’t care.”

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