Singing, D-esque leads with a Super


Jetter GSR?
BB Preamp?

I briefly had a Roadhouse E that had to be one of the noisiest pedals I've ever heard, but maybe I just got a weird one...not unwilling to try one again. I'm looking for singing lead tone with my BFSR somewhere between Ford/Carlton and EJ/Bonamassa...heck, I'm even willing to consider separate pedals for each tone (lol, yeah, I won't consider more than one pedal hahahahahahaha)...I play a strat and two HB equipped guitars.

Stuff tried recently:

Roadhouse E (would have kept it if not for the high background noise level)
OCD (kinda miss it)
MJM Blues Devil
Mojo Drive (fizzy IMHO)
Silver LTD
Direct Drive

Dog Boy

i don't think the BB preamp is so hot for that tone you are describing but my vote goes to the Zen2. You might have to roll off some low end from the amp tho. Ive played or owned every pedal on your list. All of em are great at something.


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Coincidently, I JUST got a sweet 68 blackline Super.........awesome amp.

AND I just got an Ethos.

Last night on the gig, even with having to to keep the Super VERY quiet (too quiet for the amp, really), teh Ethos sounded great. Really captures the FEEL of the D style amps I've played. Very versatile and natural.

Zendrive is great, too........but only with 'Buckers, IMO. Don't have them side by side, but I don't remember it being as tonally complex as the Ethos. Of course, Robben Ford sounds 1/2 way decent with a Zen and Super, even with a tele, so what do I know?

Eternity and BB are fine, fine pedals............but not "singing D-esque" at all.

- jim


I haven't played all of those pedals, but I have played an actual Dumble as well as a Two Rock and several Fuchs amps, and IMO, the Howie does the best job at it in any pedal I've found. My brother has a BB Preamp and it definitely is not a Dumble kind of sound (though it sounds great).


Jetter Gain Stage Red (I use two on them on my board)

Tried the Zen. Did not sound Dumble-like to me at all. The top three are all great!


I've had or heard all on the list except the Jetter and Ethos which is too big for my needs...

I'm looking seriously at a Dumbell...HarryJs clips are incredible...

I use a Barber Tone Press>TS9/808>Zendrive for some of the best sound I have gotten in over 36 years.This is not to say that's all.I use a 1965 Fender Princeton as the amp,and nothing but premium Gibson and MIM Fender guitars to track.I also use the WCR pickups and Scumback speakers at this time.


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My favorite is this
- Howie clean channel set to light OD (gain at 1:00) as dynamic clean-dirty sound
- then kick in a Zendrive (gain at 11:00) with humbuckers or an Eternity with single coils for lead tone
- then kick in the drive the channel of the howie (gain not past noon)n for high gain and long sustain.
Three levels of D goodness.
Never tried an Ethos.
GSR is also good as sub for zendrive. I have a slight preference for the ZD because to my ears the voice knob does what the little switch on the GSR does, but with a variable pot, not a fixed switch.
Lastly, Klon instead of ZD or E on strat neck pup is the ultimate bluesy neck sound: what a TS wishes it was. Treble booster and low gain fuzz are also nice.
I do all the above with 7 Menatones, but the Howie is the foundation for D tone.


It's all so subjective, but if you can find one try an original 4-knob Burn Unit (around $100 used). I don't go exactly for LC/RF tones per se, though there are qualities of that tone that I try to incorporate (for example, the pick attack of the Zen) and to me the original Burn Unit gets some of the same qualities but with more gain on tap for a more saturated, soaring lead tone. I just snagged a Small Fry to see if I could get the same tone as my old BU and while it's a great pedal with lots more versatility, I'm not hearing the same thing yet (just kind of not as fat). BTW I almost always use single-coils in Starts and Teles.

I recently stumbled on stacking my Blue Boy Deluxe into my big-box Rat, and it might be worth a try for you if you don't find what you need in one pedal.

EDIT: The Ethos was one pedal that got me into the same territory for me, but just too big of a footprint for my current use. I'll probably regret selling it. So I would recommend checking one of those out as well.

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