Single 2-12" cab v. 2 1-12" cabs


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What are the pros and cons tone-wise of a single 2-12" cab compared to two 1-12" cabs?


I'm a fan of multiple 1-12s vs 2-12s, especially because I like running a w/d or w/d/w setup. With 1-12s, you can stack them, spread them, just use one for smaller situations, it's easier on your back re carrying. You can also get one ported cab and one open back for a mix of tones.

I see no advantages for the 2-12, other than one stop convenience, at the price of doubled weight. Some may say you get better tones out of 2-12 cabs, but with over sized (not too big) 1-12s, and especially the Port City Wave cabs, 2 x 1-12s will easily keep up with any 2-12 cabinet tone-wise and volume-wise.



I'm with you Marconi,
I've got a 4x12, 6x10, 3-2x12's and one 1x12. It's an oversize, open-back, Avatar I got from a friend. The 1x12 open-back sounds really good no matter what speaker I put in there. The oversized, 2x12 open-back Mojo is a great cabinet but, when I find another cheap 1x12 Avatar, I'll buy it!
You can't beat the portability of the 1x12 and I feel as though I'm giving up nothing in the sound department. Leave all the other cabs at home, take the 1x12's on the road.


I struggled with that question myself for a long time before I realized that combos+extension cabs are the way to go. But I think it ultimately depends on the style of music you play. For me 30 watts through 2X12s are really loud for small to medium sized venues ( a Vox AC30 is a good example of that). I play loud and distorted indie music ( think the kills, yeah yeah yeahs...) I run a Fender Deluxe Reverb combo clone (22 watts) and a Vox AC15 combo( 15 watts) at the same time, and I have to usually attenuate them when the drums are not through the PA. They used to be heads I would combine sometimes having 1X12 and sometimes 2X12, but it was a pain to carry all that around, I had cables all over the place, it was a mess. I tried every combination possible to realize that the more cabs you have, the worst it sounds. Phase issues, positioning, doing the math to figure out the ohms.
I guess my final advice is:
If you don't need to be loud enough to get a 4X12 stack, get a combo and and extension for those times you need to be loud.
I hope my opinion helps


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I have multiple 1x12 cabs but recently ordered a large 2x12. Hoping to get a bigger fuller sound with the larger internal volume of the 2x12 vs the smaller 1x12's. Down side is portability but at least it isnt a 4x12!

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