Single coil choices for H S H guitar


I want to use either Dimarzio Evo2/Gravity Storm or Suhr SSH+/SSV combo in a superstrat I have, but I've been trying to choose a single coil that will work well with them.

There's the Evo single coil, which doesn't sound good on it's own but sounds good when combined with HBers.. it's 12k or so. It's a true single coil and you can lower it a bit and still get a good level of output out of it due to it's high windings.

I think I want something that has a hybrid/modern stagger.. and something that can sound good on it's own but also when split with HBers. Does anyone have any recommendations?

There's a few Suhr options that seem interesting. The ML Standard or the V60LP. I was thinking about using the ML Standard bridge which is is 6.9k.

The other idea I had, was running the SC without a tone control. Would this increase the output a bit and increase the quack of the in between positions? I was thinking that running the ML Standard bridge in the middle.. without a tone control (and lowering it a bit to be out of the way of picking), could be a good solution.

My main goal is to have a vintage strat sound in position 3, but still having good output in the in between positions of 2 and 4. Anyone have any experience with SC's in HSH guitars?


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The Dimarzio True Velvet middle (RWRP) is a standard go-to for this, especially when using dimarzio humbuckers. (the wiring/polarities all match correctly)

But honestly pretty much any RWRP single should do the job.

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