Single Coils, Fuzz, and P&W


I fell in love with the Monsterpiece NPN. I thought I'd like fuzz but I now I don't know how I survived before I awakened to the beauty that is fuzz. For a while, it's satisfied my urges but I'm jonesing for another fuzz. While the Monsterpiece is great for chords and solos, it doesn't get as thick as I'd like for lead lines (a little too bright I'd describe it as).

However, before I go out on the great gear search I wanted to get your opinion on fuzz and single coils. Is the lack of thickness something I'm going to be able to get in other fuzzes or is it more an inherent feature of single coils and I'm never gonna be able to truly get that meaty single-note-line-that-sounds-massive sound? I've tried playing around a lot with pickup combos and tone knob adjustments but I can never get a truly thick sound, just something not as bright.

Assuming I can get a nice, thick fuzz tone with single coils, what should I be looking at? Right now my gear is a SSS Strat and Ampeg Gemini I. I primarily play P&W but don't let that limit your suggestions; they're pretty cool with whatever I do as long as it isn't obnoxious. The only real constraint is that the pedal has to be able to get thick without needing a big boost over unity gain. Obviously some boost is fine, but it can't be hyper noticeable.


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The Mini Foot Fuzz does it for me. Stays right around unity and can get very thick, but cleans up well as a nice moderate fuzz. I'm about to try an Astrotone as well, so I can let you know how that goes.

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