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Singular Sound - Aeros Loop Studio

Featuring the ability to create 36 unique loops per song, add unlimited overdubs for each loop, and record up to 48 hours (when using an SD card), the Aeros loop studio goes beyond what’s expected of a looper pedal.

Blurring the lines between traditional loopers and audio workstations, the Aeros allows you to mix your tracks live during a performance using the built-in scroll wheel, and gives the ability to save and export songs. This will let you share your best loops with your fans.

With its 4.3″ touch-enabled screen and color coded cues and waveforms, the Aeros looper will never leave you wondering where you are in the loop.

Additionally, the Aeros packs tons of power into a small form factor. Coming in at just 7.8″ x 5.6″ (198 x 142 mm), the Aeros lets you add a 6 track, stereo looper to any pedalboard.

Of course, we had to to make the Aeros fully compatible with our drummer pedal: The BeatBuddy. Using the two together is a plug and play experience.

Our looper pedal also features bluetooth and wifi, enabling us to add exciting new features with over the air updates. Simply put, there’s no other pedal that can match the Aeros Loop Studio.

• Quantize your tracks in any time signature or play in freeform mode
• 6 parallel tracks and 6 song parts for a total of 36 distinct loops per song and in an industry first, simultaneous parallel and sequential looping
• Unlimited overdubs enable you to create layers and depth in your loops without worrying about restrictions
• Save your loops with the USB port or an SD card
• 3 hours mono, 1.5 hours stereo recording time using internal storage and up to 48 hours storage when using an SD card
• 32-bit floating point processing, 24-bit recording, professional DACs, <1ms latency, and 20hz – 20kHz range for studio quality recordings
• Digital dry through bypass
• Wifi compatibility for over the air updates and exciting, yet to be announced features.
• Bluetooth for reasons
• Four built-in footswitches with our comfort+ switch tops (perfect for playing barefoot or in socks)
• Built-in scroll wheel for hands-free mixing during a performance
• MIDI in/out ports for syncing seamlessly with the BeatBuddy, other drum machines, effects, and more
• Compatible with any external expression pedal
• I/O: two 1/4″ (6.35 mm) inputs, two 1/4″ (6.35 mm) outputs, one 1/4″ (6.35 mm) stereo aux input, one 1/4″ (6.35 mm) stereo aux output
• 9v (center negative), 360mA power supply included
• 4.3″ (109 mm) touch-enabled display
• Small form factor: 7.8″ x 5.6″ x 2.2″ (198 x 142 x 56 mm)
• Lightweight: 2lbs 4oz (936 g)
• Aluminum construction with chip resistant black coating


$590.00 early bird

Might have to add a MIDI remote template for 2.90...
Or order the companion controller

The MIDI Maestro puts the full power of MIDI into a package that’s easy for anyone to use. It’s the first MIDI controller that lets musicians skip on reading lengthy MIDI manuals and instead just jump straight into playing. But the MIDI Maestro’s not just easy to use, it has incredible depth for those willing to explore its more advanced features.

• 6 Screens that display easily customized commands.
• Included presets for popular gear including the BeatBuddy.
• No need to read through MIDI manuals for codes, all commands are predefined in the app during setup.
• Dynamic page system results in dramatically increased capability without increasing the pedal’s footprint.
• Daisy chain MIDI Maestros together for unlimited control.

Specs FAQ
8.375″ x 5.75″ x 1.875″
1 lb 12 oz
Anodized Aluminum
Easy to press, barefoot ready buttons
Expression pedal + extension pedal ports
5 pin MIDI IN/OUT ports
Durable metal housing
Buttons send up to six MIDI commands with a single press, and can automatically redirect to other pages
10 dynamic pages per preset
4 presets that can be switched quickly using a small “mode” button on the back, no app required

(We've seen those same foot switches before
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Looks cool. On the other hand, that web page is pretty light on actual information. And whenever I see a really advanced looper pedal with visual GUI elements and controls that want to be on a desk or stand, I get that familiar, sneaking suspicion that the right iOS app would do the job better. Granted, I've never managed to make an iOS looper work quite right... I just feel like it ought to. :rolleyes:

EDIT: @Elantric to the rescue. :)
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Looks like the screen on my Ableton Push 2 lol... I signed up for the waitlist but TBD if I'll actually get one. Waiting on more info to come out.


This would (will?) look SO COOL on a small board next to an HX Stomp. Fill the internal storage with a variety of drum loops, and it could replace (and far surpass) my SDRUM/ JamMan combination.

But... $770, ouch.


Great idea, but I have some concerns:
  • No mic pre and mic input? That's a huge deal for many loop-based performers I know.
  • Looks kind of like a pedal-operated MPC Live, from the UI.
  • I dunno how how visible that screen would be from standing, the UI elements look rather smallish...
  • Clean design, nice and compact, but not sure about functionality compared to, say, a Boomerang...


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I wish. Saw a FB leak a couple of days ago but it'd be bad form to share anything before the company.
Really hoping that they make the UI to be intuitive. The Ditto X4 is great, the VoiceLive was a mess. UI is critical for me in gig situations.

You guys knocked it out of the park with the Floor. I've scaled back to the Stomp and miss the ease and speed of it's big brother.


Available info on it seems pretty scant... maybe you have a buddy or two working on it and know more about it? :p
The page that was up was still in development (for reasons I don't pretend to understand, the web authors on Singular don't seem to have a sandbox for developing content) and was not ready to be seen. But someone got clever and found it, outing the company. I'm waiting to see what it can actually do, but I prepaid for my MIDI Maestro. Should have it in early August.

FWIW, these guys are ALWAYS late delivering, and so far (with the possible exception of the Cabli, which I'm not sure I get :) ) they have always been worth waiting for.


The Beatbuddy and Boomerang 3 (with the Sidecar) definitely work for me. With the Aeros, I don't see enough direct access to the tracks. I'm wondering if the MIDI Maestro used with the Aeros would solve that. It would make it a smaller footprint and give me access to a couple more tracks. Being able to use serial and sync mode at the same time would be a game-changer!


Currently using a Stomp, BeatBuddy and Rang 3. Can’t wait to see if this would work better for me than the Boomerang.
Agreed. I'm not really a looping guy, but I am wringing as much value out of my BeatBuddy as I can (my Beat Buddy not only plays exactly what I want him to play, he also runs my stage lights -- all through the magic of the available programming!) so I'm interested in finding out more about the Aeros. Might be a must-buy for me, you never know...


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. I'm wondering if the MIDI Maestro used with the Aeros would solve that.
If you buy both MIDI Maestro and Aeros Looper you already at $1K
Frankly a gently used Headrush large Pedal board on new FW 2.1 is a better all in one tool for my needs

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