Skips Circuits power scaling board - simple wiring question


I understand that Skipz is no longer selling these, but I bought one several years ago and am about to finally install on an amp, and have a simple wiring question.

This is the instruction sheet/wiring diagram:


My question is, his instructions say to remove the on/off switch form the amp and wiring his in its place. His kit has a SPST power switch, built into the 1M pot. The amp I am using has a DPDT switch (link to schematic): SE PCB - Schematic v11.pdf

How do I make this work? Can I safely leave the neutral leg wired of my amp connected 100% and just switch the hot leg of the circuit? Do I need to keep my DPDT switch and add his SPST switch after it, in series with one of the legs of the DPDT circuit? If so, which leg?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!
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Some older amps had the white (neutral) wire from the power cord tied directly to one of the PT's primary wires while the black (hot) wire from the cord connected to the switch. Most newer amps have both hot and neutral at the switch for extra safety but you can switch only the hot if you like.


Unlike this amp, which is properly done, some amps have the fuse after the switch, so if the switch falls apart, the live can make contact with the chassis or other components, with only the main breaker for protection. Grrr.....

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