Skreddy: Ernie and BC239

Not a "versus", but has anyone tried/AB'd both? I know they're both takes on the ram's head, but I'm interested in anyone's take who has experience with both. I've got an Ernie on my board and LOVE it, but the BC239 intrigues me since it seems to be somewhat descendant of the Giant Meat Pie.
I haven't played both in a while (and Ernie used to be my man, for *years*, before I tried a ? Lady), but my memory of the BC239 vs GMP, GMP is *way* more mellow. BC239 is sharper(?), even Marc described it once (if I recall right) as "Megadeth".

Actually, I need to spend more time with the BC239, I just got swamped when I got it, it never got a fair chance...
Someone on here told me Ernie is softer/squishier and the BC239 is tighter. Unfortunately (though probably fortunately) I've decided the last thing I need is more gain pedals, and I think I'm gonna have some decisions to make once my new Hybrid Fuzz Driver arrives.

King Rat

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I too have an Ernie, and find it to be the porridge that is just right, in terms of tonal frequencies and sustain.
Compared to other Skreddies
I had a Zero that was very scooped and not in the same ballpark of high gain sizzlers or trying to be.
The perestroika which is just a booming fat beast with a bit less sustain and cut of the ernie.

There are a couple of guys on here that have had both who will be more help i'm sure.

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