Skullytone FX (Russian Spy)

I am a studio owner, Audio Eng., guitarist here in sunny Miami.
I have been collecting old and new guitar Pedals for a while and
I can across Skullytone Fx company.
It has become one of my favorite Pedals, one I always reach for.
It does the Big Muff very well but it adds 4 clipping options so you can
Make very interesting and amazing tone colors.
I am impressed on how well it is built.
Using high end parts, heavy like a tank and not to mention
The sex tone.
I have never heard about this company so I was a little reserved, and even though I support independent and local builders I was a little nervous as I have
Gotten burnt before with wanna be" builders.
But after doing several test sessions and 3 songs for a Major Latin label I had to
Order another one.
I know have 2 and I am very happy.
This is the type of pedal I will never be with out.
Some local guitar session player loved it, I guess I want to
Review the pedal and ask if anyone out there has tried it.
Any one?
Thank you kindly.
plenty of gutshots on Kitrae's Muff site.

I had a Russian Spi, but I didn't connect with it. It was very bassy, and it had tons of options.



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