Sky Arts: Guitar Star


I've watched all four epi's so far and other than two of the acoustic entrants haven't really been impressed at all. Most of it is the same tired old cliche after cliche players that you can find thousands of on YouTube. Don't get me wrong there are some excellent players entered and one of them will win, but I doubt very much we will hear any more from them in the future. The two acoustic players who impressed me are both of the percussive style of playing which has become quite popular and cutting edge the last few years by players like Jon Gomm and Rodrigo Y Gabriela. There was also a young guy who was into travis picking, he was excellent as well but not adding anything to what Albert Lee et al have done years ago. Never the less I'll keep watching it just to see if I have picked the winner and of course anything that gets kids interested in playing guitar is a good thing, but will we get a real new "Guitar Star"?. From my point of view I don't think so.

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