Sky Blue OD? D-style? What is it? Any good?


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I'm curious about the Sky Blue OD. What does it sound like? How good is it?

All (or most all) of the YouTube demos are quite old and heavily compressed vs. current vids.

Is it a D-style pedal? If so, to what D-style pedals is it similar?

Thanks for your thoughts...


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I never seem to post in this forum unless it's to vouch for this pedal, but it's just because it boggles my mind how few people play this thing.

This is my favorite overdrive ever.

I've been using the SBOD as my main drive for about six years. My other primary drive is an SD9. My first one was stolen a few years ago and I immediately went home and bought another. I've worked in a music store for (too many) years, played tons of new, used, vintage everything and anything pedals, and for me, with a strat into a Fender style amp, it is the absolute shiz. I've had similar success with superstrats that have bridge humbuckers. Never tried it with a neck humbucker. Run it low gain, run it high gain. Run it wide open, run it super compressed. It is stupid versatile.

I've had a few of the dumble pedals. They never seem to stick with me for long and I'm not sure that the "dumble" tone (which in and of itself is a pretty nebulous thing) is a good analogue for the SBOD. I thought the SBOD left the Simble feeling flat and without dimension. I couldn't dial the "bloated" feeling out of the Jetter GS124, and although the SBOD gets pretty high gain, it has a certain 'togetherness" that eluded the Jetter. I could make it sound exactly like my Zendrive but get more out of it. The SBOD has the best volume knob cleanup I've ever heard, and is unquestionably one of, if not the most, dynamic pedals I've ever played. I tend to not stack it with much, and run a fairly focused setup. That said, I have found that it sounds fantastic with the new Way Huge Overrated Special after it, as well as with a fuzz face before it. I actually sold all my boutique fuzz faces this last month or so because the Dunlop Hendrix fuzz face just sounds utterly supreme running into this pedal.

For me, at stage volume, nothing else comes close.

Just one man's opinion. Hope it helps.

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It's an aqua marine wonder... Basically a ts with a z control....
Not bad, actually great!

Dumble smumble. If you want the go for the simble.


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Interesting and helpful - thanks.

[some of the old comments/vids reference "D" tones - I do agree that the "D" label is fuzzy at best :) ]


I've been interested in this pedal too. I previously owned the RBOD and the LGW, both amazing, I imagine the SBOD to be even better.


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I find the SBOD to sort of straddle the line between OD and distortion. It has thickness and weight to it, unlike, say, the LGW or RBOD, both of which I also like very much. It's a great pedal. If you can find a deal on a used one, snap it up.

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