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Slamo Custom "Tele"

Discussion in 'Reviews of Electric Guitars' started by shally, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. shally

    shally Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    palm springs of Washington
    This was my first purchase from Frank and as many of you know he posted several guitars for sale through this forum.. I bought the Korina Tele model, but I had wanted a modification made.. I asked Frank to replace the neck pickup with a Lollar Gold Foil .. Since Frank didnt have it in stock, it was ordered from Lollar directly and then installed in the guitar

    As background, as I previously posted, I am no stranger to custom solidbody guitars.. Over the years I have bought several Tom Anderson's of various configurations, a Melancon, a Don Grosh, one of Kenny Hoover's Zion guitars, a Rustler and perhaps a couple of more.. I have also bought multiple Fenders, Japanese copies, and Partscasters built by people with great, or not so great skills.

    The short answer is that the Slamo is the equal, or superior of any of these..Fit and finish is superb. Balance is wonderful and the neck is just plain fun to run your fingers over.

    The pickup I asked for works perfectly and gives a great sound. I am a late arriver to the Gold Foil party but really love it's sound. I havent gotten a chance to try it out in the group I play with. That will come in several months when I get back to the West Coast, but I am certain it will get used frequently.. We do Country/Blues/Standards and some original stuff.. My role is in support of the singer(s) and I will take the odd solo here and there.. Nobody comes to hear me play, and that is fine with me. This guitar should fit in perfectly

    Frank was easy to deal with. He is honest and the guitar is a great deal at the price point offered.
    Turnaround time to replace the pickup was quick, as was shipping.. I would, and will, buy from him again in the future. This is in every way a positive experience.

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