SLM era Ampeg any good?


I have a chance to buy an "SLM era" (1998) Ampeg SVT-CL 300 watt head for a decent price and would like to know if it is comparable in build quality and tone to a modern SVT-CL? It is priced less than a modern used SVT-CL. I am not able to play the amp, so looking for some input from anyone knowledgable about this.
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Try posting on Talkbass about this. I know the SLM output has a number of questions around it, but overall, I think it was model by model.

Floyd Eye

I have a 2006. IMO it's way better than a modern CL. Unless you buy a Heritage. SLM was a good era for Ampeg amps. My amp tech is the best guy around and was an engineer at SLM. Now there is a contingent of folks that dislike the SLM era 810s ( Dark era), but I have one and while I like my 2013 Heritage 810 better, I still love my 2006 "Dark era" cab and prefer it sometimes. The only downside I can see is that it's particle board, but I don't leave it out in the rain so...

So yeah, if you can get a 2008 for a good price jump on it. You won't be disappointed. Take it to a tech and have it checked out if you can. Get you a sextuplet of NOS Svetlana 6550B's and finally hear the sound that's in your head.

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