small amps with single speaker outputs

i want to run my fender super champ xd into 2 cabs..i believe its a single 8 ohm output

so higher ohm is fine, want to run into 2 8 ohm cabs, in series for 16 ohms which won't blow up amp

it seems i need to "make" a series cable which is Y configuration with 3 plugs, that goes from amp into cab1, which is then connected to cab 2, then into amp

does this seem right?? is there a cable or box already made for this?


Why? What are you trying to do?

If you make a cable, it's basically going to be "single strand" if you know what I mean. Like you'd have a jack that has one wire coming out going into another jack you plug into cab 1, then a wire that comes out of that to a jack that goes to cab 2, then a wire coming out of that that goes back into the original jack - a big "triangle".

Seems kind of restricting, plus the single wire in each direction is not going to be as sturdy - if it's a gigging situation I'd be concerned about them all being connected.

I suppose you could come all the way back to the amp and just connect the lead from one cable to one side on the other cable and make a little triangle up near the back of the amp - then you wouldn't have to single strand things except where you connect them. But then, you've really got twice as much cable run as you need.

You could get someone like one of the custom pedal builders here to make you a box. All you need is a box with 3 jacks wired the right way inside. You could gut an A/B box and do it yourself if you can solder. Again though, you've got twice the cable length.

Personally, I'd run the line out of the amp into another combo with a power amp in. Less fuss, and if you run into any problems, you've got a 2nd amp to use in an emergency, as a backup, one to leave home and one to take to practice, etc.



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