Small MIDI Switcher for TC G-Major 2


As the title says, I'm looking for a simple MIDI switcher for a G-Magor 2. I want to be able to scroll through my presets and little more. I have an old ART X-15 but it's overkill for my needs.

What's out there that'll get the job done and not cost me more then the TC itself?


Don't forget TC's own G-minor. It scrolls up or down and has a separate button for CC commands. I seem to recall that it has some other functionality as well (tap tempo?, set range of PCs it loops through...?), but I've only used it to scroll up/down. Can be found around $50-60 used.

Edit: I was curious, so I looked online and see that when it's used with a G-major or G-Force, it does have some additional functionality:

When used with the G-Major or the G-Force you can:
• Tap Global Tempo
• Switch Effect blocks on and off via MIDI Control Changes
• Select presets via Program Changes
• Mute the Outputs for silent tuning
• Switch channels on your combo or preamp via the G-Major Relay Switch function
• Use the Preset level function on the G-Major e.g. for instant change of level for solos etc.
• Any other functions that are controlled via a MIDI CC or a Program Change command
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