Small mixer with headphone out for direct playing with pedalboard.


Small digital preamp pedal and cab sim pedal already ordered. Drives will be in front and delays and verb between preamp and cab sim or after cab sim.
I need a small inexpensive mixer with headphone out also for silent practice.

Any help is so appreciated! I want the mixer on the pedalboard also.


Would like less than a hundred bucks and small enough for a pedalboard and stereo.


Would like less than a hundred bucks and small enough for a pedalboard and stereo.

I have experience with two small mixers that might work for you. I have not however confirmed how well they work in stereo. My rig is mono.

Option 1:

This one by Art is a little bigger and bulkier but still fits on my pedalboard. Plus it works with the 12 v output on my board's power supply.

Option 2: Donner Audio Mixer, Portable Stereo Line Mixer,4-Channel,As Microphones,Guitars,Keyboards or Stage Sub Mixer,Ideal for Club or Bar.With AC adapter,Stereo/Mono Adjustment,New Version-DEL-8i2

This one is smaller and cheaper. Better form factor overall. But I couldn't get it to work with my pedalboard power supply. It works fine though with the ac adapter included with the product.

Hope this helps.


Just about any little mixer will do this. Ive had a small Behringer xenix for about 15 years, which sounded fine. I just swapped it for a new small Mackie Pro-fx to get another mic in and usb.
That Xenyx might do it, or anything with a headphone jack. Anything smaller and merger/splitter adapters start taking up more space than the pedal themselves.

The ultimate however are the following inputs:
Your raw guitar
Your processed guitar
Any vocals or 2nd instrument
A DI tap of the total band
A mix of drum/bass/rhythm
..each split off to mixers for your left and right ears.

With this you can dial in exactly what you wanted to monitor and correspond with.

A system which did exactly this, a private custom mix of the band for every single player, was out there a decade ago. I'm guessing they went out of business with too high a price:demand ratio.

Racks which got close to this concept like the Behringer Powerplay were out there. Even for the simplest option of providing every member their own band/self headphone mix ends up requiring splitters out to a second soundboard snake to feed the headphone rack. You could probably find one for $20 because no one wants to go through this much studio recording hassle unless they are in a tidy recording studio of hidden spaghetti.


It would be nice if someone could make a pedal dedicated to this as simply as possible.

Ver. 1:
4 knobs:
left in to left phone
left in to right phone
right in to left phone
right in to right phone

While they are at it they might provide
Ver. 2
+ 4 knobs
left in to left out
left in to right out
right in to left out
right in to right out

A tap for splitting would be really handy, so four more knobs and two more outs.
A merger would be handy too, but now we are talking 4x4 or 16 knobs, not even including the headphones.

At this point a digital matrix would work best, one knob and a button for each of:
allowing one knob to set all 20 combos on 4 busses.

Pressing any pairs of inputs would make the knob relatively de/increase them together. Long-pressing (flashing button LEDs) would gang and reset them for unison levels.

There's a reason people don't bother with merging/splitting chains or stereo. It's not trivial routing.

I think I'll have to make this pedal, along with an LFO for quadrophonic spinning room Leslie amp output of stereo signals. - The "Leslie-Quad Tilt-a-Whirl".

A pair of these would be handy for feedback routing as well.
Resurrecting the Carvin 3D stereo-cancellation 'headphones through speakers' system would be cool too.
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Rolls Mini-Mix VI MX28 works well on a pedalboard.

Built like a tank. Has a main out with separate volume from two headphone jacks. Fine driving two 300 ohm headphones together (but they share a single volume). Can pan each stereo channel; will convert a single mono input to dual stereo



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I just went through this same thing. Found this, and love it. Only bummer is that I couldn't power it w/ my Zuma (needs like 1000ma @ 12v), so I have another wall wart. That said, it isn't that big of a deal. Works great with my DSM Simplifier, Quilter Superblock, and LR Baggs Venue DI to mix the signals and send a single XLR to the QSC system I use live. The headphone input sounds stellar (way better than the Iridium and Simplifier's) and the built in effects are pretty decent if you need 'em. Found mine used (mint) on Reverb for like $75 shipped. Sweetwater is backordered, but here it is: I'm sure the Behringer option would be fine, too, but I'm a Yamaha fan in general.

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