Small, no-nonsense gigging combo under 25 lbs...

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I'm getting lazier and older. I've come to the conclusion that I just want 4 pedals, a small combo, and a reliable guitar for every gig. I did the Kemper thing, but I realized I was just using the same preset over and over and I kind of just want to go back to the days of looking at an amp panel and having 5 knobs to use live along with a couple of OD's and a delay pedal.

My ideas:

  • Monoprice SR 15 watt combo, buy new replace the lead 80 with a neo-creamback and boom, I have a 20 lb, $400 Laney Cub clone with a good speaker. The ultimate "beater." And CHEAP.
  • Fender Tone Master, $800 used. 24 lbs. Clean pedal platform. Pricey, but what's not to like?
  • Some 30 lb combo with a neo creamback speaker replacement?
  • Your own suggestions?


These are what I use for gigs

( bad back, I can't carry anything- these are perfect for my R&R/blues trio gigs as we are not too loud. Plus you can stick a mic on them if needed)
Vox Pathfinder 15R
and Fender
Frontman 25R ( with better/more power/mids Eminence 10" speaker)

* both have spring Reverb ( Vox has Tremolo) and great clean tone, and get along with any OD pedal.
18 lbs., and 23 lbs. Win-Win!!

*local CL and FB Marketplace are great for stuff like this- paid $85 for Vox( years ago now), and $50 for Fender ( with stock speaker)


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Volume wise may be an issue for some venues but a 5E3 clone and a small pedalboard is about 30lbs curb weight and all the tones your fingers can handle minus heavy gain (which a pedal can get you close but...). I have a Smith Custom that I can carry with one hand and manage gig bag and PT nano+ in other for shows. Covers a lot of ground for me but YMMV. I've also entertained the idea of any of the Quilter combos only bc they are good pedal platforms with small footprints and easy load in/out weights.
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For the last 5 years i've used a Quilter Aviator head with a 2X12 DV Mark angled cab that has neo-mags. Head is 9lbs and cab is 24. This is my first SS amp ever and it's been great as a versatile pedal platform for clean and dirty tones in a 6 piece rock cover band. I prefer the "bigger" sound of the 2X12 but I'm sure a 1x12 combo would be fine.


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The katana has a pretty good clean and lead sounds. The switching was cumbersome for me but, as a pedal platform its good.
Yes! I came here to say this. I don’t use any of the built in effects or software editing. I just run to clean and use pedals. Love it. Super loud and light. The 50 watt version. And affordable too.


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I dig the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde from Fender. You may be able to pick one up pre-owned. To me, it is about 95% of what a good tube DR sounds like. I do have several tube amps, and have no problem using it live. In fact, multiple guitar enthusiasts ask about the tone when I gig it. Maybe worth trying one out… good luck with the search.

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I've been using a The Milkman Sound "The Amp" 50 watt pedal amp. Class D with a 12AX7 preamp section. It weighs just over 2 lbs. My 10" closed back celestion-loaded cab (V-10 w/ a creamback 10" on deck for my tech) weighs around 12 lbs. Man does is sound great and is oh so easy. I put a tuner, Sunface, comp and delay in front. The Amp comes with verb and trem on board and they sound great.


New Blackstar line (although not yet road-proven), DV Mark Guitar Friend combo, or any flavor pedal amp with a DV cab (feather weight).

I do love my Stageright 15, hard to argue with the value you get for the money, and I'm still saying that even after the price has gone up a few times.
i dont gig but i do jam with bands...and i find my vox valvatronix is all i really need...100 watt but never crank it that much...onboard moddeling or simulating frustration to deal with

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