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Small Vox mic'ing question...ac4 vs 15r


Silver Supporting Member
Hey, folks. I posted a similar thread before regarding small 5w amp mic'd from offstage, posing the question; "Can you tell the difference between mic'ing a 5w small speaker amp versus say a 30 or 50 watt larger speaker amp when close mic'ing? i.e. volume not an issue - more important how it sounds out of the PA/Front of House.


I still use a large amp when needed. (50w 1x12 Ampeg Reverberocket) Since that time I have tried a couple amps and ended up with a Vox Pathfinder. Not too happy with the way it broke up so I just threw a 8" Weber Blue Pup in it and it does sound better to me now. I can get it to sound just as tube-like/beefy as the Ampeg through the front of house.

Here is the issue: The tone I am getting is warm rich kind of clean, very full. We have a new guy at church who is a trained sound engineer that has been working with our sound folks to get everything dialed in nicely. What they are finding is that my amp tone, and the way I play, tends to get lost in the mix when my tone starts to compete/overlap with the bass player and keyboardist. (Ambient pad/swell/thingys)

I have been/still am very happy with the Pathfinder, but am wondering if the AC4TV 10" might work better for me due to the shift in the frequency range away from those in the Pathfinder

Here is the question: Does the ac4 cut through the mix better? Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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you can use the speaker out on the 15R and plug into a 2x12 or 4x12 to add roundness to your sound. also the speakers will no doubt add decibels which means more volume.

some people just replace the 8 inch speaker in the Pathfinder with a ten inch Ragin Cajun, which puts out 100 dbls and gives you a much bigger sound. . .you would easily be more than twice as loud as the stock vox speaker. i don't know what the decibels are with the Weber blue pup.

speaker size and decibels are both meaningful in terms of sound, with the edge going to decibels.


Silver Supporting Member
Thanks lareplus!

Again, volume is not the issue. The Weber Blue Pup I installed in the 15R holds together better with pedals, i.e. the OD is a better, more natural breakup.

I guess I am zeroing in on will the "brighter" voiced ac4tv sit in the mix better...thanks again!


Silver Supporting Member
Before you read this, you must realize that I am maybe the only church player who feels this way, but I found my ac15 to be too bright in the mix, to the point that I would compete with my drummers cymbals for frequency. Or if I moved my mic too close to the edge, I'd fight the bass player. Do you need more brightness in your signal, or more mids? Could moving your mic a little one direction or the other on the blue pup make a difference for you? I find vox style amps to be very picky to mic placement, especially when paired with the classic speaker selection. for me, I put the mic halfway between the center and edge of the speaker cone, pointing slightly toward the edge. That is where I find I fight the least amount of other band mates.


Gold Supporting Member
I use my AC4 10" at church mostly. It cuts through really nice, even better with a mic. THe AC4 has a lot of mid-range going on. Put the volume at about 1pm and grab an ebow, through in some delay and DCB version of How he loves just rips through the AC4!

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