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Smaller head box for Club 40??


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Anyone know of a company/builder who makes a smaller head box for a JTM sized chassis (in this case a Germino Club 40)? Even with the 26" wide "small box"/50watt style head cabinet it comes in, there's a ton of unused space in there. I feel like I'm lugging around a lot of extra size/weight because the head box is so oversized compared to the chassis.

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try mojotone, but you may want to consider the heat dissipation factor of the open cab design. The smaller headboxes dont remove that much weight, although they do fit on a 4x10 cab better....


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PS if you do sell the headbox (w/logo) I might buy it from you if you decide to sell it. I have a matching 4x12 in that color....

big mike

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RL in FLA here on the forum could likely build you whatever you want. Good guy and does some nice stuff.


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Jeff at JDesigns is great and can do anything. Top notch work. He builds all the cabs for his brother, Ben Fargen.

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