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Smaller or boutique pickup companies and firsthand impressions

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Reviews' started by jlectka, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. jlectka

    jlectka Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    I think many of us have tried different pickups sets, both from large and small manufacturers. Personally, I like to support the little guy if I can and have had some experience with some smaller builders that I can share. Please do the same. I do swap out pickups sometimes, just for fun and variety, and reviews or other info is always helpful.

    My short list that I have used and the guitars they are in:
    Sheptone Tributes: Installed in a mahogany strat with maple neck and ebony fretboard.
    These turned out to be a great fit. They are about 7.5 and 8K and have a fat sweet character that shines for low to mid gain applications. They seem to have a pretty flat EQ and are a great classic rock pickup.
    These replaced an SD Jazz and JB set, which were fine but not really inspiring in my rig. The JB for this guitar was spikey in the highs and sounded mid-humpy to me. I'm sure the Jazz pickup is great with some rigs, but it was a yawner for me.

    Wolfetone Marshallheads:
    I bought these on a whim and installed them in a Heritage H157, which is configured like a Les Paul Custom, with a mahogany body and neck, with a maple top and ebony fretboard.
    These are about and 8.5 and 9.2K output.
    These made this guitar into a beast of a rock machine. They are very fat and warm and perfect with this guitar, which was a bit bright with other pickups. They are also a very even EQ, or maybe even a little scooped, because they work with my mid-heavy amp and rig really well. Super fun pickups.
    These replaced a pair of Suhr Thornbuckers, which were very bright in this guitar, but work very nicely in an SG with rosewood fretboard. To me, they sound more like a beefy P90 than a PAF. Nice pickups though, and I'll keep them.

    Bare Knuckle Mule:
    I use these in a swamp ash guitar with a maple neck and fretboard. I thought they might be harsh in this guitar but they fit nicely. The Mule bridge also sits very well with strat pickups that are in the 6 to 6.2K range, which is my main guitar and very versatile. I was aware of the hype of the Bare Knuckles but this one is really something special. They worked beautifully in an SG also, but I didn't leave them there.

    So thats a start. I know its wordy but would love input on these or others that I might try.
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