Smashing Pumpkins used to sound like The Smiths!


The fact that he has been the voice of The Smiths since their founding does not give him a vocal quality per se. I agree that his voice is iconic and distinguishable but I still think he is not a good vocalist

You had to have lived during that era to appreciate fully The Smiths and what they brought to the table. They were a new voice, and Morrisey was extremely important to that. Now days, we tend to lump them in with other Britpop bands of the era, or relate them other otherAmerican bands, but at the time, the Smiths were part of a side shoot of music speaking to a different group of people. It’s hard to see that from now precisely because of their influence. Even people we no were into more indie stuff, picked a side when it came to The Smiths.


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Oh because that’s better! Yeh unfortunately I think that’s what’s going on and it’s disturbing to me that people are doing this, if he bothers people so much then maybe just hit the ignore button or don’t engage, there’s no reason to make fun of the guy, he’s a person who has feelings and doesn’t deserve to be attacked just because he thinks and feels different, ok so maybe I’m projecting some of my own experiences into this but I’ve been where Adolf has and it’s not fun, please can we all just practice a little more empathy?

Dude, just the other day you basically took a dump in the looping thread (the words "soulless", "pretentious", and "arrogant" come to mind), so maybe you don't exactly have the standing to complain about hurt feelings or attacking someone.


Dude, just the other day you basically took a dump in the looping thread (the words "soulless", "pretentious", and "arrogant" come to mind), so maybe you don't exactly have the standing to complain about hurt feelings or attacking someone.

Apologies, but I don’t believe I attacked anyone specifically or certainly didn’t single anyone out, it was just my unfiltered and raw opinion, I probably should have thought before posting it, I don’t even remember what I was on about, just another one of my philosophical, rants that probably only made sense to me at that moment, again apologies, it was just me ranting on my frustrations with current musical culture as a whole and that was not the place to do it. As far as the above I was just responding to what I perceived as someone being bullied for their eccentricities which admittedly I’ve had some experience with being the target of, unfortunately I was projecting my feelings and experiences which were built up from years of unresolved traumas etc… I’m working through some stuff and just react to things without talking the time to take a few deep breaths and properly think things Thru calmly, again I apologize, to you and to anyone else who may be offended, thank you for pointing it out it really helps me to perform some self reflection and provides me a chance to grow. Best wishes.


Is the EHX promo material correct that Billy and James preferred the Op Amp version? I always thought it would have been green Russian.
The Green Russian's didn't come out until after Siamese Dream. I'm not even sure if the Civil War versions were out yet.

Anyway, in the 90's the Russian ones were what you bought if you couldn't afford the vintage ones. When I sold off my old muffs a few years ago I got more for the Green Russian than I did my Op Amp.


I just don’t have a problem with production that sounds dated. The album was made when it was made. It sounds like when it was made. I actually kind of like that in a lot of cases. I don’t need to pretend all the music I enjoy was recorded last week, so I have never understood the “dated” criticism of any record.

Fair point. It's just those drum loops really....sounds like a TLC record or something in places. Still, it's a good record that I enjoy on occasion.

To be clear an LP into marshall sounds the same more or less across decades. That's what I mean by timeless. Throwing an 808 kick or snare onto a drack immediately dates it. It's not always bad(NIN, for instance).

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This, few bands made as drastic of a change to their sound as Ministry did!

Yeah HUGE difference! I may be in the minority but I always liked the early stuff and couldn’t stand the “I’m a tortured heroin addict” dirty/scummy vibe of the later stuff. Al just morphed into this vile dude who looked like a dirty insect. Watching him made me want to take a shower and get a tetanus shot.

I just saw this on an 80s New Wave forum I follow elsewhere, and immediately thought of these two comments here. Kinda sad the silly stuff I remember from TGP days later.


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