Smashing Pumpkins used to sound like The Smiths!


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I have one. They are all the rage.


I didn’t know there was an actual pedal! I thought it was a joke, wow I guess it’s true what they say you do learn something new everyday!


This works the other way round too. I spent some time state-side in the early 90s. In the time I was there, you couldn't flip on any radio station, go to a club, walk into a gas station, without hearing the Cranberries. I got the impression that The Cranberries were way bigger in the States than they were in Europe.

This may also account for some of the greater commercial success you mentioned.

Of course commercial success is a crude measure of quality - pink and turquoise shell suits were also a commercial success in the late 80s early 90s.

The Cranberries were never huge in America. They had a time that their inoffensive dream pop was played in supermarkets because it is so saccharine that no one would be offended. And Zombie.
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I want one.

I swear there’s a directors cut or somesuch where she really leans into the extra effort with William Hurt fully supportive behind her. As it were. Then it changed in other times I saw the flim. But memory can be flimsy.
You might also like my other @pickdropper creation, my "The Queen is Dead" chorus/boost. Another thing of beauty.

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