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Smooth high gain pedal WITH cab sim?


Silver Supporting Member
Hi all,

I've got a quandary.

I want a high(er) gain analog pedal that is super smooth-- like a Barber B Custom Super Sport, or Jetter stuff-- but that has a cab sim built-in.

Does this exist?

I need a cab sim, because I only have powered monitors to play

I love digital pedals for Reverb or Chorus, but HATE them for over drives
and distortions.

Any ideas?

I had a Tech 21 British which was great, but not really smooth
(I'm going for a fusiony lead tone like Holdsworth or Shawn Lane).

Maybe the Fly Rig 5?


Silver Supporting Member
....and I can't afford a Torpedo Cab.


I could do an Epsi plus an analog distortion, but the fewer pedals
I could use, the better.

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