So can I make a tape delay pedal out of this vintage [1963] piece of gear?? It's MINT too!


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and I have the speakers that are mint as well! Plus hang tags and manual!!




Does it have separate Record and Playback heads?

Does it have a Tape Speed control?

Does it have a 3rd "Monitor" head?

You probably need to do some research online about Tape Delay in general.

I'm not an expert, but I recall reading how the gap between a record head and playback head could be used to create single repeats... the Playback head would output the repeat.

Also, the playback or monitor head output could be fed to a mixer, split, and one side mixed back (fed back) onto the input.

The delay time was changed by varying the Tape speed.

In the case of the monitor head, I think it was coincident with the record head, so the quality of the recorded signal could be adjusted in real time.

Dedicated Tape Echo machines had an erase head last in line and the tape was looped (literally a loop of tape) so it never ran out of tape.

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