So...d-type loops...very confusing!

So i am ready to take the plunge into the D-type world of amps...yes i know, i know.
I have it narrowed down to a 50 watt HRM model, but now i am even more confused about the loops and loop devices!!!

I always play with reverb and a delay. and from time to time Chorus. i just spent the whole day reading on loops and buffers and now i am i need a loop or something that is just line level? like a nova system?

i have a nova delay and a nova modulator, i think that they would work ok. but i want to add a reverb.
i guess i would have to add some sort of device to tie it all together.

sheesh just when i thought i had it all figured out! i dont know what route to go now, try with out anything or just order a buffer along with the amp. the idea of another unit does not excite me.

insert crying baby sound bite here....


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It's simple, if you want to use the loop on a fairly accurate Dumble-clone, you need a dumbleator clone too.


There are several D-style builders who add a buffered loop to the amp, so no D-lator is needed for them. A D-lator (external buffered loop) can also be used to tame the volume, and affect the tone, in addition to interfacing with effects- so a built in loop is not quite the same. Some rack effects units work well with non-buffered loops, and even some pedals will also. I've used an old analog delay pedal in a non-buffered loop, and it works well. It really depends on the unit though. You should talk with the builder. Built in buffered loops are really nice for playing out though. I have one D-style amp, and another on the way (2 different builders), and both have buffered loops.
It seems like a buffer is unavoidable, I am going with a ceriatone so I will check out his or maybe a verbrator .

Meh....what's another couple hundred at this point!


it's important to understand that unlike with many other amps the main loop compatibility issue is not level - requirements are pretty moderate in fact.
D-styles want to see a really high input impedance at the send - e.g. a TC HoF (1MΩ) works pretty well without a buffer, a G-Major (13kΩ) absolutely needs buffering even though it is fully line level compatible.
Go figure ... :confused
A solid state Kleinulator does the job just fine however, fully transparent, easy to DIY too.
I'd build / buy one of these and put the money you saved towards better speakers or a good set of tubes, makes more of a difference ime.

Btw, with a bit of creative planning you can fit a G-Major (front, bottom), a Kleinulator and a 19" patch panel (back) into the stock headshell, very stage friendly, Midi switching of the amp inclusive. :cool:
You might want to add a small fan though to keep the tubes cool ...


Is running a standard buffer pedal after/before the pedals to be put in a loop the same as getting a D-Lator specific buffer?


Why wouldn't every Dumble builder give one the option of a built in buffered loop? The last thing I'd want is to be hooking up one more outboard piece of kit.

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