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So how are your playing chops when wearing your guitar as low as Jimmy Page?

Marc Roy

How does he do it?
The live footage of Jimmy winging his ass off in The Song Remains the Same" is easily one of the the most intense, dazzling displays of guitar wizardry ever

And somehow, he pulls the whole thing off with his Les Paul slung down
around he knees.

I tried, who hasn't? And Visually, it's cool. But I just can't
play anything with my guitar down that low; and I'm lanky.

Can you guys pull it off?
Doesn't work for me either. Years ago, I started playing with my guitar slung above my belt and got used to playing with it strapped up high. It gives me more leverage and my right arm tends to stay in the same position.


Page wore his guitar that low to look cool. Cigarette hanging out of his mouth, no shirt. Hanging low is the slacker look even today. And there's a slacker-cool nexus.

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