So I just bought 63 guitar pedals...


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There was a MASSIVE gear auction in Vancouver ( Surrey actually) this weekend.

Well over a million in guitars and gear.

There were 100's of pedals with many bunched into single lots. Some amazing gems grouped together with average pedals. Some incredible pieces from Cornish were in the Auction as well including an amazing David Gilmour pedalboard! ( I did not win that haha).

I did spend quite a bit but should make it back and a bit extra re-selling a lot of it and saving a few keepers.

Pictures to come ( might take a day or two to get things organized).

Anyone else get in on the action?
Man, 6 more and you would have been the king of this forum.


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Gosh, I can barely motivate to sell the pedals that I no longer use, I don't have the bandwidth for such an endeavor with out it sabotaging my playing and creative energies, with all the other grown-up expectations and responsibilities that I have to pacify, before I can enjoy my music hobby. I commend the OP. I hope it ends up profitable both financially and experientially......


Yeah, right, and I just bought a 1000 pedals, though unfortunately I was attacked by lions so I dropped my camera when I just barely managed to escape, luckily unharmed, but then I got abducted by aliens, and in the meantime, before I could get back and pick up the camera again, a polar bear came by and ate it, I know for a fact that is what actually happened to it, cause I later got an email signed "The Hungry Polar Bear" where it apologized for eating my camera, so no pictures, sorry.

A shame really, cause there were photos of Elvis and Bigfoot on that camera too.


No, seriously, congratulations. :aok

We do still need pictures though! :mob
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You ARE aware that now that you posted this we will need video of you playing with all 63 of them engaged at the same time? Needless to say we also want to hear all possible permutations of their order, you know, just to see if they stack well. Oh and we need this by Tuesday!
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Gary Ladd

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According to Gary Ladd, in 2002 TGP represented 1.5 million FX pedals worldwide, and 20 years later TGP's constituents and their interests represented 1.5 trillion of said pedals.
I was making fun with hyperboly re: TGP's impact on the proliferation of FX pedals, in general, worldwide. No one knows exactly what the true numbers are, but I'm sure they're over-the-top unprecedented...

Although I'm sure there is correlation to TGP's success (almost 300K members now probably), along with certain other gear forums (all mostly dead or defunct), if we're not approaching peak music gear, it won't be long ~ Now FX pedals are even being hawked on social media & thousands of clones are rushing out of China as fast as they can be shipped :roll

Anyone that watched the exponential growth of new gear designers/builders since 2002, when TGP started, knows the numbers are :bonk

This thread is about someone buying 63 FX pedals a number unheard of, outside of retail, probably just 10 years ago. Even at auction...

Lighten up Francis, try to have some fun while you're here :YinYang

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