So...I scored a DOD DFX9 yesterday. Ermahgerd.


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I bought this pedal to do stuttering with its "infinite delay" mode. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it has a super fast delay setting, it isn't available in the infinite delay mode. Its pretty fast, but not fast enough for what I was looking for. Anyway, when you engage it, it never just stays going forever.

Anyway, despite the fact that this didn't do what I bought it for, it is actually an incredible delay. I was shocked. Does slapback almost as good as my DM-2. Sounds incredible with longer repeats. Fun to go through scales and let the previous notes delay and harmonize with your notes. I found myself being inspired with delay in a way I haven't before. Something about how the notes decay, this delay seems very much like an analog delay. However, set up with "more repeat" the delayed notes don't get dirtier and mush up the mix like an analog delay if that makes sense.

Very musical, very fun pedal.


Just got one as well.
Really like the Delay sound on it. For a digital delay it has a nice warm repeat to it ,must be the 12bit thing?
Sits great behind the notes .
Funny how heavy these pedals were then compared to today aluminum shells
Hopefully the Switch lasts,hear those can be the weak point in these DODs.

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