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So, if you had an electrajet, what would be your next guitar?


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I have been on this change up thing for a while. The tele and strat are gone, as is my swamp ash special and Mira.

I've got a grosh electrajet, that is awesome. I also have a PRS SE 245, which I upgraded all the electronics and pickups, but it will be a real boy one day and become a les Paul.

But, for now, I have $1000 burning a hole in my pocket. If you were me, what would ya get? That new epiphone 339 ultra has my eye, or I could look for a deal on a heritage or Gibson


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Look for a Larrivee RS 2 or RS4!

Check out the specs. Basically a long scale Les Paul style guitar with outstanding HB pickups. They also have a great P-90 style pick up. Fit and finish perfect.

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