So, I'm NOT going to eat my words this time!~


I have laid the zip ties down!

In the interest of full disclosure:

1) The chorus might get replaced later by a custom pedal I am pondering.

2) The Aenima might also get replaced in the future.

But in regards to everything else, I am really happy with what I have and what it does.

The custom jobs:

1) The Unicron - Karaoke Party into an OCD based circuit.

2) Slenderman Fuzz - Soda Meiser with operator symbol

3) Synth Bomb - cool custom paint job by Audible Disease with a volume control, and an owl sticker placed by me! :)

4) Ego Boost - JFet style boost, used as a volume cut for the Synth Bomb

5) Acherontia - Feedback loop with true bypass loop option, and a momentary switch added as well.

The digitech rp70 is in the effects loop of the Deja Vu.

A PT2 is coming this week for my Texture rig (connected to the send-return of the feedback loop), so I'll post that and the full rig when I finish :)


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I think I ate my words once, so I'm just going to quit talking about being done. At any point in time, we can all be happy with "Done for now".

Nice looking board, glad your done.

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