So, this is how it starts


A little history.
I've been playing since the early 60's.
I've owned a ton of guitars over the years. But I've only swapped pickups in only one guitar I've ever owned.
I just bought a 5134T Gretsch and made the Serious mistake of checking out the TV Jones site.
Listened to lots of clips of pickups and have REALLY been struck by the Magnatrons.
I bought this guitar for a Rockabilly project. It'll do that with ease. But then I started compareing the clarity, note defination. Man these things really sound great clean.
I think I have to have a set.


A few years ago I had to have a 1999 Roundup (cowboy duo-jet) that was for sale. As much as I liked it overall, the pickups just didn't quite cut it. I bought the Magnatrons and love 'em. Though I don't spend much time on the bridge pickup alone, this one is amazing, and that's what I use the most on this guitar.


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I'm a huge Setzer fan, and after I bought a 5120 I ordered and installed TV Classics and a harness--it sounded fantastic!

Being a typical TGPer, I still listed after a 'real' Setzer guitar so I got an SSLVO but sold the 5120 to help fund it.

The Setzer plays much better, but that 5120 with the TVCs sounded so oops much more 'Gretsch-y'.

Do it--it's worth it!

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