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So; was this NAMM a bust?

S. S. Bender

I'm super interested in:

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe
-- love the original BE, and this one adds a ton of cool modes and mod options

Chase Bliss Brothers Analog Gainstage
-- what I wished the Riverside was. Analog tones with mega preset options, blending, and expression control in a small box. Killer.

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay
-- like a Carbon copy with way more options. Tap tempo is awesome. Cheaper than EHX offerings. Great aesthetics to boot.

Digitech Freqout
-- my ebow doesn't get much use, but I still love that sound. This is way more convenient and adds much more usable features.

Empress Echo System
-- two delays at once? Parallel or series?tap tempo! Stutter mode, plus more engines sure to come! Whiskey in a pedal FTW

PLUS Sustain Pedal
-- functionality and features through the roof. Awesome form factor / design.

Source Audio Ventris Reverb
-- all the horsepower and layout bliss of the Nemesis in a verb. Two engines at once!! True spillover, MIDI, and new engines down the road.

All in all, that's a pretty exciting NAMM to me! :aok
I agree 100%, and would add the EHX Blurst to that already great list!


i dont think its a bust. there's something for everybody, which is better than tons of stuff for somebody

im personally pretty geeked on the suhr modern t, rubberneck, and fender acoustic singer amps


I generally get excited for NAMM but this year it was a complete bust IMO. Yeah, there were a few neat items but I was really looking forward to some releases (Diamond reverb) and they were not even mentioned. Digitech had the most impressive display as did Godin guitars. I know they don't get a lot of attention here but their custom shop offerings look great. I guess the good thing is, I don't have anything to buy in the near future!

S. S. Bender

[QUOTE="skern, post: 23461033, member: 121002"What about Supro guitars?[/QUOTE]

Those looked like rebadged Eastwood guitars, which is keeping me six-string-boner-free until more information becomes available.

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Yes, this year was a little non descript IMO.
Having said that, I like what both Mooer and Amplifire are doing with bringing out more simplified uber compact amp modelling in a small pedal format..It's great for players who just want a few solid amp models.


I hope someone posts a link to the thread showing the huge volume of NAMM 2017 pix (Harmony Central thread?).

I don't know that we heard the best bits from NAMM in this forum (which likely were not pedal-related). Most of the pedals were very bleh to me (i.e. line extensions of old pedals).

The Digitech feedback-simulator [kudos Tom!], Dwarfcraft pedals, and maybe the Blurst [egads horrible paint job] may be of interest but no pedal made my "gotta get that list."

Moog may be the biggest disappointment. They didn't even offer a line extension. Their booth was basically "remember how cool we were way back when we were cool."

That is not cool.



the catalinbread and digitech delays are all that have really stood out to me this year, a couple others were mildly interesting but not worth my money. as usual on the amp and instrument side of things there was nothing particularly exciting.


Silver Supporting Member
As a player, tester, and consumer what I enjoyed most about NAMM was the oppurtunity to meet the people who put their creative effort, passion, and skills into gear. I met some great coffee making folks from EQD, got to hang out with Aimish from Diamond Pedals(Canadian cool!). I got to chat to Erskin about his favorite amp the Gibson Falcon..Talked to pedal maestro demo-king Juan Alderete. And of course Joe Gore!
But I really dug FoxPedals the Wave, the Walrus- Audio pedals, WMD pedals, and the Belle Epoch Deluxe. EuroRack "village" was stellar too.
No bust for me even it rained down like Lil'Wayne at da' strip club.
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Guitar pedals were actually MORE interesting this year than last imo, but overall, a BUNCH of manufacturers either didn't show up at all (G & L, Mesa Boogie) or had nothing new this year. There was a blurb somewhere on the net you could dig up that mentioned many manufacturers are slowly moving away from trade shows and introducing their new stuff via social media, you tube etc


I think we should start with the definition for NAMM...Music Merchants. What matters most is how much real business got done there. So from that standpoint, TGP is likely a poor indicator of much.

The other thing to consider is that while TGP has 152,000+ members, any single thread likely has less than 20 different participants. I would say it's doubtful that the health of an industry can be measured by how excited TGPers are about anything. Let's face it, the longest threads on TGP involve: 1) stuff few have (Hello extra long Dumble threads) but many hate based on zero experience; 2) many have, and many that don't have hate for some reason (hello Klon threads); or 3) anything that is considered "controversial" on TGP, ie tonewood. All of these things get attention year around on TGP, whereas, as you point out above even an "excited" response to NAMM only goes for a few weeks after it ends.

The other thing to consider is why every year we should expect must-have or ground breaking. It's like the car companies adding horsepower every year. Who cares? It's not like suddenly the highways have gotten less crowded and everyday as I drive to and from work I'm going to crank up that full 300 Hp they want to impress me with in like every car :)

By that I mean, our ears haven't changed and neither has the playing ability of most of us. How is must-have or groundbreaking really relevant when most of us have only played a tiny % of the pedals actually out there anyway? And there are famous pros using the same gear from year to year and we gush all over their tone.

Anyway, hope my tone doesn't come across as being a jerk or anything, not my intention at all. I will say this, I've been to NAMM 5 of the last 6 years. If someone has never been, and is just judging what it's like based on forums and YouTube feeds, it really is so much more than that.

YMMV...Your MOJO May Vary :D
The other thing I'd add is that it feels to me like even between what people say and what people show is very different. It feels like for some pedals if you ask a question, people come out of the woodwork talking about how much they like it and how its the best thing they've ever bought for the effect type, but then you never see the pedal on any boards in any of the dozen different pedal board threads. So its super difficult to gauge how much people are liking something or how long something has stuck around on people's boards if they aren't posting pictures.


Just because you didn't spot anything you wanted doesn't mean it was a bust.
I read that there was something like 170 new pedal releases, i haven't had a chance to check through even half of that. Supro released a whole line of new guitars, Satellite Amps released their new Coronet guitars, Duesenberg and Suhr added some nice new models to their ranges..., and Gibson released a PRS copy :D. Probably a whole lot more that i've not seen yet, and i'm not looking because i already have current models that i'm after and don't need anything else on my GAS list, same goes with amps.
As for pedals, the Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe will almost certainly end up on my board at some point this year. I do wish people would stop refering to it as just an upgrade of the old model, it's a completely new pedal. And the Pulse sustainer looks and sounds very cool. Hopefully i'll get to check one out when it's released later in the year.

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