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So What's Your Claim To Fame?


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I was friends with Stevie Vaughan. Doyle Bramhall II is a close friend. Same with all the guys in Storyville, especially Tommy and David Holt. I have an album credit in their ‘Piece of Your Soul’ album. Buddy Guy sent me a hand-written Christmas card. I met Clapton once. I could think of some others, but those are a few highlights.
Cool friends.


Trisha Yearwood is a cousin. I haven't seen her since we were little kids at a family reunion in the early 70's


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Made the cover of Rolling Stone in Latin America earlier this year.

Had the #1 selling CD on Amazon Prime in Latin America last week.
You might get to slide by on an earlier this year milestone, but current events cannot be used in these “what’s your claim to fame” discussions!?!?!
But those are some really cool highlights and I hope they keep coming your way!!!!
But you’ll be allowed to use these events in about 20 years as your claim to fame……..

Juanito Dedos

Top -billed Van Halen @ Longshoremans Hall

Opened for U2 at an Anaheim club on their first trip to the USA

Lost a battle of the bands to George Lynch’s group Tungus Grump at his highschool

Lost another battle of the bands on a TV show taped in Hollywood for Phil Spector hosted by Dr. Demento

Appeared on Fun For All TV show in the fourth grade with Big Frank, the Man from Morrell.

Shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand at Lakewood Center the day before he got shot in LA.
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Absolutely nothing. I am mediocre in every way and happy to live in quiet anonymity.

Although I did know Jaco, hung with him in the studio and in the wild and (unfortunately) had to eventually tolerate his homeless and dangerous behavior in the years of his decline. The years when he lived in Holiday Park on Sunrise Blvd. roamed around with a basketball and a worn copy of 8:30 and yelling at passing cars "I'm not Jaco, I'm the kid!!!".

This is nothing to brag about.


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The song Rebubula by moe was named after my nickname for the bassist`s wife (and my friend) Rebecca.
Man I have seen that band quite a number of times. Really not much of a fan anymore. One of the worst shows I have ever seen was that band. But ******** I love that song. It was the first one of theirs I had ever heard, got me all fired up, lol. They then got a 30 minute (maybe 45) spot on Furthur Tour, and they of course played it, great song!

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