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So you're dead - pick the songs played at your funeral


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I am weary let me rest, Cox Family

A heart needs a home, Richard n Linda Thompson

Broke Down Palace, Grateful Dead


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Ripple was requested by my friends dad and that I play it, but he's is planning on living till over a hundred.


Title says it all - trying to think of good suggestions (not planning on dying, but you never know).

So far, I love "into the mystic" by van morrison - outside of that I don;t have any solids.

What do you think?

We're all gonna die someday - Kasey Chambers

In a Gadda Da Vida - Iron Butterfly

She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones

Something (In the way she moves.) - Beatles

The Promised Land - Chuck Berry

If I Give My Soul - Billy Joe Shaver

Shelter Me - Buddy Miller

I Wanna Die - Miranda Lambert

as they pick me up out of my chair and tuck me back into my coffin with a fork in my hand:

Mississippi You're on My Mind - Jerry Jeff Walker

as the grave side service ends:

Please Don't Bury Me - John Prine

as my wife pulls the memorial stone out of her purse and puts it back on her finger:

I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal - Billy Joe Shaver
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At the service:
Samba Pa Ti - Santana
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad - GD

At the gravesite when leaving:
New York, New York - Sinatra (just like leaving Yankee Stadium)

B Money

My grandpa went with "Sweet Georgia Brown". I think thats a great choice, I might have to carry on the tradition.


i played a memorial service a few years ago and the deceased had a sense of humor. he asked his friend to play "Wish You Were Here"...


Funerals are for the living, so my survivors can pick whatever makes them feel best, EXCEPT for the when they wheel me out of the church: I roll out to "Louie, Louie," Kingsmen version. And rather than people sitting around discussing what a fine person I was (unlikely) I hope to leave a good chunk of change for a blowout party, with my twin brother fronting a live band to cover some of my favorites. And if one person says, "I'll miss hearing him play and sing," it will have been a successful life. I'll look forward to meeting Jim Croce and hoping to take lessons from Maury Muehleisen. And for God's sake, do NOT put my Martin D28-S in the coffin! Huge waste of a magnificent instrument that someone could be appreciating and be inspired by as I was. All the electrics go to my brother. Thus spake the dead guy.
I'm not a religious guy but but some Gospel Music has really taken a hold with me lately.

Amazing Grace: on lap steel with a bass doing the drone
Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Full Band, to the slow side
The Weight: with each of my friends singing a verse. All in on the chorus. Maybe the last song. Don't know what I'll do if I'm the last one to die. Better consider pre-recording this stuff.
All Things Must Pass: George Harrison. Obviously appropriate
Keep On Growing: Derek and the Dominos. Layla is my favorite record of all time, had to include something...Maybe just play the whole damn album.

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