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Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by bm07002, Aug 30, 2008.

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    OK, I've searched and read what I could about the popular computer guitar modelers....Guitar Rig 3, GTR3, Amplitube2. I'm new to guitar via the computer but I'd like to try out the modeling as well as some recording. I'm also interested in the "Speedtrainer" function in Amplitube, where you can loop and slow down phrases to help learn them.

    Amplitube appears to have decent modeling and the "Speedtrainer" but I don't know about recording. GR3...good modeling and basic recording but not sure about a "training" function. Can anyone advise if one of these programs (or any other) best offers the functions I'm looking? If this goes well I can always upgrade to better software but for now I'd be glad to have your recommenations for a reasonable entry level program.

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    Hi Bill - Get a Digitech GNX4. It comes with modeling software.

    It is a great floor programmable effects processor that will create just about any sound that you would want. There are simply line outs that go from the GNX4 and you can put a tube-preamp in your loop to warm things up if you like. I use it mainly for practice.

    Here is a movie:


    A good thing about the GNX4 is that it uses sound presets that are basically a little computer file. People all over are programming their own presets using the X-Edit software that comes with the GNX4. They are then putting the presets up for anyone to download at the GNX4 website. So, if you want your guitar to sound just like David Gilmour's simply download the David Gilmour preset and double click it in the X-Edit software on your computer and it will send the message through the USB cable to the GNX4 on the floor and dial that preset in.

    Learn More here: Create with the GNX4

    Here's a screengrab of my X-Edit software running an Eric Clapton preset. As you can see, not only can you change amps, but you can chage the effects processing by clicking effects in the upper left corner.


    There is also a company that has developed something called SuperModels where they have recreated presets from the original amp or effect. They have also developed very nice artist presets, and again, all you have to do is simply double-click the preset in your x-edit software and the signal goes to the GNX4 and changes it and you then have that sound. Listen to the audio samples on the SuperModels Page.

    Link to SuperModels: SuperModels

    Also, I forgot to mention that the GNX4 has a compact flash card slot. On your CF card you can put backing tracks that are instrumentals made up of everything except the guitar. It is simply a little mp3 that you download from a backing track website to your hard drive and then copy over to your GNX4 Compact flash card. It allows you to then play the track through the GNX4 and practice guitar as it plays. There are also websites that have backing tracks available for download.

    Here is one: Guitar Backing Track Website

    I hope this helps. I have had mine for a couple of years and it still gets used daily.


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