Software vs. Hardware


I've been selling off a bunch of gear lately in the biggest case of reverse GAS I've ever had. While I like playing through my tube amp, it's a pain in the patootie to record. I'm not really concerned about live use here. I do have a budget so before anyone suggests Fractal, I'm going to nix it -- it is way out of my budget. I basically play three tones: a combination of the Fender Twin/Deluxe clean; Marshall type for crunch and rhythm; and SLO type for lead. I like the ability to mix and match cabinets. I am used to hearing Celestion Greenbacks in a Avatar 212 Contemporary.

I'm looking to make my life easier on the recording end. My PC is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 running Windows XP SP3 w/3.25 GB Ram. It's a PT 8 M-Powered machine. I'm looking at the hardware option because I run a few VIs and Reason, and I do get concerned about processor suckage. But really software plug-ins would work given that I can always bus the track with the p-i to a new track and disable the original track. I currently do this with the VIs once I get the track finalized.

So I guess the question is.... which package or piece of hardware is the best for this? Which software? I know the POD HD isn't out yet, so I probably should have waited a few weeks before asking, and honestly the purchase will be a few weeks off anyway.

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