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Soho Acoustics Qtr-1 questions: Preferred tubes and footswitch type/schematic


Hey guys, I just bought an old Soho Acoustics QTR-1 tube preamp off ebay. Everything works properly but I would like to get opinions and clarification on a few things.

1) If anyone here has used one, what tubes sound best in this unit? (there are 4 possibly lower gain Amperex 12AX7s in there now, seem a little too low gain for this baby or they are ready to be replaced)

2) There is no footswitch for the preamp right now but would like to know which footswitches work with it and/or the schematic for it.

3) If at all possible, the schematic for the preamp itself.

I know this is an antiquated piece of equipment but it does sound good. Design is based on if not an outright copy of the KittyHawk Quattro.


2014! this can be a lonely place.
I have one myself, it had four Phillips ecc83 in it, I assume they were the stock tubes.
I put in a set of Sovtek 12ax7.
I haven't used it in a while, need to fire her up.

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