SOLD: 1962 Gibson GA-8T 1x12 Discoverer Crestline Amp $359 shipped

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Hi all,

I have a 1962 Gibson Crestline GA-8T Discoverer for sale. The amp is in excellent condition and was just serviced and got a clean bill of health with a new 3 prong cord installed for safety. The only defects I see are some minor scratches on the tolex, the "G" on the Gibson badge is partially broken off, and the baffle screws holding the speaker were redrilled into the baffle due to the old holes becoming too loose. I believe everything is stock except for the Weber Sig12 Alnico Smooth cone installed in the amp which is an upgrade when compared to the stock speakers (which sound very thin).

It's from the 1st year they offered this model (1962-1964). 10 watt Combo with one 12" speaker and 5 tubes.
Easy to date the amp because the pot codes are 134 62 18, and the big transformer numbers are 996 62 31 & TF-8A-P. The codes on the smaller transformer are 524 62 22 & GA 18 01, all dating from the 18th to the 31st week of 1962. The serial number is 430815. The five tubes are as follows: 6EU7; 6EU7; 6BQ5; 6BQ5; 6CA4.

Comes with the original single button Tremolo switch that is housed inside the cabinet by a bracket(when not in use). The gold grill cloth is perfect! The inside of the amp chassis is super clean. The handle on top is un-broken still attached. I plugged it in, let it warm up and started playing through it nice and quiet and it has a very cool Tremolo to it. Different then Fender, almost a reverb to it, and very adjustable. From their I started turning it up more and more, maxed the bass and treble knobs and was pushing lead through it and was very surprised how nice it was working. I was also surprised that when I wasn't playing (amp was in idle) it was nice and quiet without a bunch of noise. The 10 watt amp would work perfectly in a small jazz setting(probably what Gibson built it for in 1962).

More pics here:

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions prior to buying. now $359 paypalled/shipped only to the lower 48 states. Thanks again!
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