Sold SOLD: 2002 PRS Santana III - $1750


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Selling my PRS Santana III. Has the stock pickups, but the covers have been removed (they will be included in the case).

In very good condition. Virtually no fret wear and only a couple tiny dings along the faux binding on the bottom edge. Also has the cloudiness in the finish (front of the headstock only) that many PRSs of this era seem to develop (due to UV exposure?). This is a slight case as it is hard to see well unless the angle is right and generally just looks like the headstock is dusty. Weights 8.5 lbs on my bathroom scale.

Also comes with the original hard shell case.

Selling for $1750 PayPal'd and shipped to the contiguous 48 states. No trades.

Thanks for looking!
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