*SOLD*Celestion G12 H-75 Creamback Speakers. Matched Pair, Made In England.

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Hi Friends!
Just picked up a new amp head with 8 and 4 ohm taps only...so the AWESOME 16 ohm Made-In-England Celestion G12 H-75 Creamback speakers that I was using for my Dr. Z M-12, 12 watt amp need to find a new home! I bought these brand new as a matched set from the same build lot. They were each used in a Pure 64 1X12 cab...one at home and one at church. The Pure 64 cabs are front loaded so the nice folks at Celestion sent me a bunch of soft foam rear gaskets (you'll see them in pics 1 & 2). GREAT company there across the pond!! LOW hours, and gently broken in at less than 12 watts. They are rated for 75 watts each, so they weren't even breathing hard! They're BOTH in MINT condition and will ship in well-padded actual heavy duty speaker boxes. I'll sell separate or as a pair...but they'll still each have their own box. GREAT speakers...just had to pick up some 8 ohm replacements for my new amp.
The CHEAPEST you will find the Creambacks Street is $159 ea.
Lets do SOLD

PM works best!

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