FS SOLD: K&K Meridian Pro External Acoustic Guitar Microphone & Preamp System


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SOLD: K&K Meridian Pro External Acoustic Guitar Microphone & Preamp System

Sells new on Amazon for $319. Offering at $195 shipping included. Free UPS ground shipping.


Unidirectional Condenser Microphone with adjustable good neck that bends to exact location.

Meridian Pro Padded Guitar Clamp – adjustable for different body depths.

Meridian Pro Preamp with 3 band EQ, phase switch, adjustable input gain, line out, balanced XLR active DI.

8 Foot cord with ¼ inch jack integrated into mic, gooseneck, clamp components.

Protective Case

Video demonstration by AcousticGuitar.com

The Meridian Pro Microphone system uses a unidirectional condenser microphone with extremely smooth sound transmission and amazing feedback rejection. It is recommended for acoustic guitar and mandolin.

The Meridian Microphone’s greatest advantage over an internal microphone is that it is outside your instrument, where the true sound happens. Internal microphones tend to pick up excessive bass frequencies and, of course, various sound reflections and reverberations that do not represent the true tone of your instrument. An external mic captures the sound as you hear it.

With the gooseneck design the mic can be precisely aimed. Point it more towards the soundhole for a bassier tone or towards the body/neck joint for a tighter/brighter sound. Our special gooseneck design guarantees that the mic will stay solid in the position you put it.

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