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Sold **SOLD** MXR Orange Handwired 1975 Vintage Phase 45 phaser Pedal w/ Analogman Univibe option



Selling my MXR Orange Handwired 1975 Vintage Phase 45 phaser Pedal w/ Analogman Univibe option. It has all of the Analogman options including Uni-vibe toggle switch, true bypass w/ LED light, and the power jack. This thing is in mint condition and has never left my smoke free home. I don't have the original box anymore, but I do have another pedal box that I will include with it. I do still have the bigger knob cover that goes over the control knob that I will include. I'm looking to get $135 shipped and paypaled. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

Website info:

A Uni-Vibe is a specific type of phaser, so with some tweaks the Phase-45 can do a decent emulation of the Uni-Vibe tones. A Uni-Vibe is a phaser, so the toggle switch change is a subtle difference in the sweep. P45 mode is a normal balanced sweep, the Uni-Vibe mode has a dual sweep, with the LOWS and HIGHS on two different, alternate sweeps. That's what give the Uni-Vibe it's distinct pulse.

The MXR CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 pedal reissues the rare little brother of the Phase 90 to exacting specifications. With 2 stages of phasing, the Phase 45 guitar pedal offers up its subtle and musical voice via hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board.

The MXR Phase 45 phaser pedal is equipped with a bypass footswitch and a speed knob. Rotating the speed knob in a clockwise motion results in a faster phase effect, and turning it counterclockwise slows it down. The MXR phaser pedal is powered by a single 9v battery, accessed by removing the stompbox's bottom plate. Texture your tone without overpowering your sound with the limited-edition Vintage '75 Phase 45 phaser pedal.

These sound very cool, sort of have the pulse of a UNI-VIBE... not as swooshy as the phase-90.

MXR Custom Shop CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Optional true bypass, with or without LED.
  • optional Boss style power jack
  • Speed knob
  • Hand-wired circuit board built with original-spec 1975 components
  • Original high-quality Switchcraft Input/Output jacks and Carling bypass switch
  • Hand-selected FETs, matched to produce deep and rich phasing
  • All-analog circuitry for warm analog tone
MXR Custom Shop CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal Specifications:
  • Input impedance: 500 kOhms
  • Output impedance: 5 kOhms
  • Max input level: -5 dBV
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >96 dB
  • Phase shift range: 360 degrees
  • Bypass: hardwire
  • Current draw: < 1 mA
  • Power supply: 9 volt battery
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