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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Funky54, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Funky54

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    Jun 12, 2009
    Well after more than 18 years of playing through my 67 Black Face Super reverb in stereo with a 65 AC30... I sold the Super. I keep downsizing due to money and my current circumstances. I have had a couple back surgeries and the Super took a lot of space and it was heavy for me to haul around.

    To minimize my depression and lose in my life, I bought a DRRI that had been moded. Half the weight half the cost and half the size.

    After playing it a good 20 hours now I'll share my thoughts for those who may contemplate the same, or for those who may be able to guide me further.

    My first impression of a DRRI at a big box store was horrible. I hated it. I crossed it off my list as a possible. Time rolled by and Craigslist called with a moded like new condition estheticly speaking DRRI. I went and looked it over.

    I took one of my Gretsches with me. I play a lot of Pauls too, but the sound with the Fender is really centered on my Gretsch Rock stuff.

    It sounded so much better than the new one in the store. Huge difference. Any one would recognize the aweful to wonderful comparison. (mods do matter) All I know about the DRRI i have is it had the Fargun or whoever mods done. It has JJ tubes in it. Iknow the bias is real hot..( may lower it a tad)

    It is not a 67 BF Super... not by any stretch. NOT even close. It is a good sounding amp with the clean fender sound.

    When running solo licks it sounds wonderful. Its still bright but not harsh at all. I like the second low gain input with the volume cranked best to lower the brightness a bit. It has lots of dynamics.

    I will be doing the Fritz mode combining the two channels and running them in phase. I will also replace the current bright cap from 47 to most likely 10.

    What I dont like and cant quit place the problem, is that its hard to sing with... Yeah thats right, its hard to sing with. It sits frequency wise where it sorta sounds like its cancelling my voice out..weird. Its touch sensitive and dynamic but something is ....odd. I dont know if its mids or what?? Maybe the Mid mod with the knob added on the back would Help??

    Before some wise guy says its the wrong amp and they suck... This amp is not the same amp as when I tried it new. So I know mods can and do make huge differences. Its a very good sounding amp. Another free mod I have already done that really made a huge difference is with the reverb tube. I took out the 12 axt JJ that was in there, and started trying about 8 different 12 au7 tubes. Man what a difference. I ended up with a well worn old RCA 12au7. People who dont think tubes make a big difference should have been around for this. It was a dramatic difference. So much warmer and smooth. I need to figure out the weird mix or frequency issue... its like that bass guy with new gear that is all of a sudden over there making a sound thats not supposed to be there. Its right but wrong at the same time.

    For those that are ney sayers and dont believe in mods... my tong is sticking out, its great.

    To anyone who could help me further or who has shared my weird opinion of its frequency and that of a human to hear your thoughts.
  2. 335guy

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    Dec 26, 2008
    Ben Fargen is an amp builder that also performs his Fargen "mods" to other amps. Basically, as I understand it, he replaces certain components with better ones, which increase the amp's sustain and clarity. He does replace trannies as well in some mods. I have not tried an amp modded by Ben, but he is a respectable amp builder and I have no doubt the mods he performed improved that stock DRRI.

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