Sold Sold on Reverb for $575: Retro Channel RR1 Retro Reck by Lance Keltner

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    Unlike solid state designs of the past, the RR1 accepts your favorite dirt pedals in the front while the FX loop in back takes care of the rest. The full complement of interactive EQ controls let you dial in a huge range of sounds and a rear-mounted resonance control lets you match the Retro Channel RR1 to any cabinet, PA, or direct recording input. And it pumps out these tones at any volume, from whisper quiet to paint-peeling loud with an unobtrusive master volume.

    The RR1 includes features like: Master Volume Control (obtain the tones you desire at any volume level, even bedroom volumes), A 100 watt power section (for incredible headroom), Effects loop, Line out (the amp provides the same performance whether used with or without a cabinet).
    • Beautiful cleans, with chime and definition
    • Gain with girth, grind and milkshake thick lead tones
    • Master volume that allows for these tones at any volume
    • 100 watt output for driving multiple cabinets
    • Line out that sounds incredible direct with no cabinet
    • Effects loop
    • Speaker out to 8 ohms or 16 ohms
    It's in excellent condition with a few light scuffs here and there, original lightweight cover included. Produced in the USA by noted demo artist Lance Keltner, these amps are no longer in production and getting hard to find. $599 shipped /PP in the ConUs. Thanks for looking!



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