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*SOLD* Orange Rocker 30 1x12 with Metro effects loop and Celestion G12H-55

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I leave this here until the buyer confirms.

$800 shipped and PPd.

This amp is in great condition and functions perfectly. It features two EL34s operating in class A, two channels, a Celestion Heritage G12H-55 and a metro effects loop (only on the dirty channel) which can be switched out of the circuit. The "natural" channel is controlled with just a single volume knob while the dirty channel features B, M, T, gain and master knobs.

Of course, this amp is best known and most popular for its mid-gain and high-gain sounds. However, there are some killer low gain sounds on both channels. Especially once the natural channel is overdriven, it punches out some great power tube overdrive as one would expect from a cranked non-master EL34 amp. The cleans are very dynamic and a little harder to play until they begin to compress with some volume on them. Once compressing a little with some volume, this channel also develops more sparkle. This amp can be quite loud, but has a surprisingly good master volume on the dirty channel. I haven't tried it but have read that this amp responds really well to single coils, too.

info from Orange:

PM me any questions at all.

I'm also selling an 8 ohm THD Hotplate for $215 shipped/PPd.
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