Sold *SOLD* Skinpimp Skinbender MKII (Tonebender Clone)


Selling my Skinpimp Skinbender MKIII. This one is signed by the original Skinpimp builder/owner Ryan Kirkland and has premium parts throughout. The thing is like a work of art inside. In my opinion you aren't gonna find a better MKII Tonebender clone. Its screams and is like Led Zeppelin in a box. Read reviews on TGP and you'll see what I mean. This thing has never left my smoke free home and comes with the original box, bag, etc. Looking to get $190 shipped and paypaled. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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The MKII is a great tribute to the coveted Sola Sound MKII Professional. Tuned for that classic sound we are all familiar with you will get "A Whole Lotta Love" from this one. We spent a lot of time researching the best way to produce a great MKII with consistency in the tone throughout every one we build. Parts are meticulously selected and each pedal is tuned to provide tone consistent with the originals we all love. The MKII is very articulate, it's on the lower end of gain compared to other Tone Benders, but can get down and dirty with them all. Note definition is very clear allowing you to hear everything with great separation. If you are looking for a great classic fuzz tone with familiar tone and articulation the MKII is for you. All Skinpimp pedals are 100% handmade in the USA with the best parts available to provide you with the tone you deserve.


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